Attic Inspections

In most homes, the attic is a dark and dusty place where items become stored or become a dumping ground. The attic is one of the most important parts of a home and in most cases, the attic is ignored. Attics are supposed to ventilate a home properly as well as help insulate the livable space of a home.

Water damage, leaks, seepages, cracks, and mold are among the most common attic problems. If these issues are not addressed quickly, the damage can rapidly spread to the rest of the house. Regular attic inspections will, in most cases, allow you to spot problems early on and attain the appropriate repairs before the costs become astronomical and you are looking at a wide-scale project.

Other items that will be inspected include:
  •     Insulation
  •     Moisture Penetration
  •     Electrical Hazards
  •     Ventilation
  •     Bathroom Exhaust
  •     Rodent/Pest
  •     Attic Fans
  •     Gaps & Opening
  •     Ductwork
  •     Stored Items

The insulation inside of your attic could be damaged due to rodent infestation or moisture penetration which could lead to improper attic ventilation and insulating which can have an effect on your heating or cooling.

Moisture Penetration
Moisture can leak into your attic from melting snow, or heavy rain causing underline damage and possibly mold, Fungus or Mildew growth.

Electrical Hazards
Open junction boxes and exposed wires can be caused by prior improper installation or extreme heat which can lead to fire or power issues. Finding and repairing these items is critical.

Without proper ventilation, attic insulation is usually not up to the task of keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter. In the summer, a well-vented attic allows for natural air flow which moves super-heated air out of the attic. This protects your roof shingles from being damaged and removes moisture. In winter, you want the attic temperature to match the outdoor temperature. This prevents the formation of icicles and ice dams when it is below freezing outdoors. Poor insulation and ventilation is also a major contributing factor for allergies.

Bathroom Exhausts
Top floor bathroom and kitchen exhaust sometimes are located in your attic and can become separated due to human error or age, causing exhaust gasses and exhaust to build up in the attic area.

Squirrel and Rodent Damage
Squirrels or rodents often enter attics through the eaves or loose boards and can cause considerable damage. In most cases, rodents will enter and live in your attic during the winter months.

Attic Fans
Attic fans are supposed to remove excess heat from your attic during the summer and provide air flow. Attic fans can stop and become inoperable without the homeowner knowing.

Gaps & Openings
Air leaking directly into or out of your attic due to gaps and openings can account for a large percentage of your heat loss and gain in your home. You may not even be aware of these leaks, but they can have the same effect as leaving a window wide open 24 hours a day.

Loose, damaged or bent ducts can lead to improper heating and cooling flow through your attic to the living spaces of your home.

Stored Items
Excessive stored items in an attic can restrict airflow and press down on insulation reducing the R valve in your attic.

Having your attic inspected is crucial for the maintenance and upkeep of your home. A licensed home inspector should do the attic inspection.

For $187.00, you will receive a report with color photos of your attic and typed notes of our findings. You will also receive a termite inspection and certification (good for real estate transaction at no additional costto you).

As a client, you have the option of receiving a discounted annual attic inspection for only $125.00 which will also include a termite inspection and certification at no additional cost.

WARNING!!As a result of the snowfall we just experienced, waiting until spring to inspect your attic for problems is almost always a mistake, as winter and all that brings exacerbates any issues you may have. Although inspecting attics is rarely on homeowners’ minds, after a large snowfall, there are a lot of good reasons for homeowners to have their attic inspected by a licensed home inspector

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